Elisia – New Cryptocurrency Based on its Own Unique Blockchain Technology.

Elisia – Many startups now use blockchain for everything from music exchange to global payments, from monitoring diamond sales to the legalized webcam industry. That’s why technology has enormous potential. When it comes to digital transactions and assets, you can put something in the blockchain.

The blockchain is basically a distributed database that stores shared records. These records are blocks, and each block of encrypted code has a record of the block history before it. Each block includes information with time stamps about transactions made before the second one. The effect is a chain of these blocks to assemble them; Hence its name.x

A blockchain has two main components: a permanent register supported by a network, and a decentralized network that checks and facilitates transactions. Everyone who has access to the network can see data about the shared transactions, but there is no way that the records can be corrupted or hacked. This decentralized trust means that there is no organization that controls data, be it a technical giant or a major financial institution.

Blockchain problems
Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the world just as the internet is perhaps even better. He is already proving his capabilities in areas such as finance, identity management, management, asset management, and many others. Blockchain network functions such as; Transparency, permanence, security, economic efficiency and unbelief will forever change the work of institutions and individuals.

However, most real-world businesses are reluctant to use this technology because of the two main problems associated with it at the present time.

1. Connect to In the ordinary world of cryptography, each Blockchain must create a complete ecosystem with its users, its own currency, and Dapps. This has led to the fact that Blockchains works in silos, which makes it difficult to connect networks with each other. And without connectivity, the direct transfer of assets between blockchains is indeed a daunting task.
As you can guess, this lack of interoperability is a big obstacle to the massive introduction of Blockchain technology.
2. Scalability Leading Blockchain networks such as Ethereum and Bitcoin cannot support mass transactions on their network. Elisia Network overload here often slows down transactions and increases transaction fees.
Therefore, any emerging Blockchain network that hopes to accommodate users globally and meet the practical needs of the business should significantly increase its locks.

Revolution in Blockchain
Elisia is a revolutionary network of Blockchains, which intends to solve problems and create a high-performance blockchain that scales, lightning-fast without any transactions with payment and allows potential users to develop Decentralized applications (DAPPS). This is achieved through a consensual mechanism based on the chain of delegated proof of bid (DPOS) with other link links, including various algorithms such as share proof (POS), Proof of performance (POW) and Delegated share proof (dpos) and so on Elisia eliminates the errors of its predecessors, solves the problems of scalability and increase of transactions per second, and also brings the technology of blockchain to mass acceptance.

Elisia strives to provide a user-friendly platform to increase the use of blockchain technology in general. The Elisia platform is built on the basis of a reliable lock, integrating a mixture of different technologies. In Elisia, all the important integration of technology blockchain technology is always at your fingertips. Elisia Team of Experts works day and night to provide its customers with a continuous blockchain technology using the best-decentralized tools.

Elisia is scalable enough to support the active work of thousands of industrial Dapps at the same time, while the military-level security of the Elisia platform ensures network stability. In addition, each transaction on the Elisia platform is free. There are no hidden charges. Operations quickly arrive at the right place with fast speed.

ICO procedure
Elisia Sale of Elisia tokens starts from November 30, 2018, to January 2019. The approximate cost of the token is about 0.0001 ETH, and the total token is 1 billion ELSA. Elisa sets the initial rigid cap to 50 000 ETH.

Only white addresses or members who have submitted KYC documents and have been approved will be accepted to participate in ICO Elisia. This ensures that there is no possibility of an investor from a restricted country or an unregistered participant participating in ICO Elisia.

Website: https://elisia.io
Whitepaper: https://elisia.io/white-paper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/elisiaio

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