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REMCO (Remenance utility token) is the first chip-generating platform distributed for money transfer. The REMCO token generation platform APIs allow any licensed money transmitter to hit programmable tokens to optimize value and take advantage of the benefits of the distributed ledger while providing compensation Innovative to all stakeholders.
The address of the token will store the value and replace the traditional PIN or card numbers.
Because the long address of a token may not be practical because of the limitations of mobile phones and computer gadgets, the address of the token is linked to a set of random integers and other identifiable attributes that will be passed to The buyer (under the scratching Surface of the UV ink on a card) or transmitted to his phone in real time.

Silver transmitters have few options for the creation and expansion of their activities on the rails of others.
1 Slow speed
2 High Cost
3 Fainting Commissions
4 Difficult entry
5 unstable operation
1 Blockchain Multichain
2 Successful Permissions
3 Faster Payment Speed
4 Commissions for Agents
5 Artificial Intelligence and human experience
Token Discount for money transfer agencies
REMCO discount tokens connect senders and recipients in the same way that mobile phones connect two people. The REMCO platform provides the infrastructure, pipes that allow fund transfer companies to hit and customize their own chips on a revolutionary open source platform designed for speed, compliance and Transparency.
REMCO Discount Tokens Use a revolutionary money transfer token with an open source platform that allows fund-transferring companies to hit and customize their own chips.

Why is 
REMK (emittance Token) VTNGlobal has handled over $700 000 000 over the past two years and we clearly see the possibility of process re-engineering combined with distributed registry technology to have a significant impact on the sector. We have designed the REMCO token to be extremely useful and programmable, for example in cases where a fundraising partner wants to offer a promotion.
By creating the technology platform and proposing a B2B self-service option, VTNGLOBAL believes that the REMCO token can have transformation effects, not only for its own companies but also for its partners.
Thanks to this ICO, we will have the funds necessary to finance our project, pay the salaries, cover the costs of marketing and legal expenses and invest in research and development, and offer to the buyers REMCO discount tokens A reduced and reduced price.

Remittance Token Generation
Whole RemittanceToken address generation follows a random sequence, while the root address follows the distributed ledger process. The token is locked to the delivery organization that distributes it to the agent. If the server was compromised, all token information is encrypted and, in addition, the activation logic can only be triggered by an agent and only after receiving payment All transactions pass through the HTTPS protocol. The server infrastructure is hosted in a secure location that requires biometric accessibility.

Remittance Token Security
The token instrument has no value until it is activated by an authorized partner or an agent. Exposure to risk is negligible because an idle token cannot be used. To enable the token, the agent must access an online interface. At this point, the system knows the agent and the delivery organization to which the token belongs.

• RemittanceToken
is designed to deter potential criminal behavior by using the most up-to-date AML/CFT procedures, in particular:

The RemittanceToken system allows fund transfer organizations to define usage limits based on their internal AML procedures with respect to the total amount of money from any shipper per day/week/ Months and agents cannot allow replacements.
As a prerequisite to the use of the card, the system requires an appropriate KYC for both recipients and shippers, as defined by the different jurisdictions, often linked to a hierarchical calendar based on the amounts Transmitted. This requires the new user to download identity documents that the system then checks. This information is required only once unless the system detects that the ID has expired, and then prompts the sender to update the documentation.
In addition to the AML limits defined by authorized fund-raising organizations, the RemittanceToken system passes an additional step by registering suspicious activities for further consideration.
The RemittanceToken platform retains certain data points required by the recordkeeping rules, including the identification of persons making transactions, the management of paper traces and the

REMCO Handing over tokens, as a stored value for money transfer, modernize and significantly improve the cash agent model by limiting the “agent” process to the provision of “digital property funds”. This increases the efficiency of fund transfer agents and partners and speeds up the process, due to the lack of rebilling or refusal

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