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Project Overview

This is awe-inspiring, this is truly a bomb to the Banking Industry; let’s welcome a platform that utilizes blockchain technology in decentralizing and democratizing the crypto exchange ecosystem. Indeed information is power and if you genuinely want be the pertinent in any place of the society, and any other field, then you require information to stand out and be steps ahead of others. So many people have lost millions of mazuma investing in the cryptocurrency simply because they good information of the projects they invested in. It’s worthy to note that crypto investments which are online investments predicated on the blockchain technology are very much remuneratively lucrative, but without the congruous cognizance, things can go the other way round. After an exhaustive study on the issues bothering the exchange markets today, and going through the materials of most exchange platforms, we very confident to present to you one of finest cryptocurrency exchange project- FinanceX

FinanceX is a cryptocurrency trading platform. FinanceX has proven to be one of the most advanced and reliable future platforms for cryptocurrency trading with a high caliber of security – one of the safest, most expeditious and most potent platform. The uniqueness of this platform is that cryptocurrncy owners can directly exchange their coins into their country currency without passing through few giant cryptocurrencies (e.g; BTC and ETH).

Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies are the two keys to a more advanced, democratic and independent society. Blockchain technology has become a force that is giving elevate to incipient, decentralized structures that will shape future societies, economies and each of us individually.

Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies, over the past few years has indeed proven that it can be a very remuneratively lucrative enterprise. Recently, there are sundry types of crypto-exchange platforms that provide characteristics that are traditionally associated with major world markets.

Despite the fact that many cryptocurrency exchanges are providing accommodations to financial institutions or individuals, there are still many subsisting inhibitions that raise concerns for traders which include some of the following;

The circumscription of utilizing fiat in coin trading. It is time-consuming and costly to convert cryptocurrencies into fiat since it has to be done via intermediate partners.

• Very few trading pairs and fewer options for traders

• Low system availability

• Very few payment methods to deposit mazuma into wallets

• Low reliability and security

The above issues are the primary reasons for the emergence of FinanceX exchange, but for the purport of this article, I’ll dwell well on the first and last point.

The limitation of utilizing fiat in coin trading;

As stated earlier; one of the distinguishing features of FinanceX is its facility to trade cryptos directly into your country’s currency in the shortest period of time, in lieu of the popular method to trade altcoins is to buy BTC or ETH as intermediates of local currency (fiat), which engenders arduous and time-consuming quandaries to traders. Here, traders can utilize their own local currency to buy/sell other currencies through many kinds of payment. Bank transfer, E-wallet (PayPal, Screw, etc.). Transferring fiat to wallet takes about 30 seconds; withdrawing into fiat money takes less than 60 minutes after transaction.

Privacy and security;

The development of technology and the digital world has evolved the desideratum for emerging crypto currencies and at the same time there is much larceny through impuissant systems in the absence of vigorous security in bulwarking the assets of crypto. FinanceX platform utilizes the following strategies in handling the security challenges rocking traditional exchange platforms;

• Notifications when account is signed in to incipient IP or Contrivance

• Full log that traces any access and audit trail changes to consequential data

• Verified Accounts KYC

• 2 Factor Authentication

• Secure web with SSL, DDOS auspice

• Coins are stored in a cold wallet

Other advantageous features of FinanceX platform includes; Stability, Transparent fee structure, Easy to manage portfolios, Low charge, High liquidity, Real-time trading with high speed, Connecting crypto exchanges in different countries, etc.

In summary, FinanceX exchange platform has a mission is to launch a new, convenient and secure platform to trade cryptocurrencies directly using fiat called “FinanceX”. FinanceX is created to become the world-class cryptocurrency exchange with one of the highest liquidity, providing absolute security and the lowest fees.

The number of people joining the cryptocurrency trading market has rapidly increased in the last few years. The highest growth rate is in Asia/Russia, and the most active market is Southeast Asia. There are 212 crypto exchanges in the world. The crypto exchanges get the most interest and investment in the technology world. On average, each country with crypto traders has about 1-3 crypto exchanges in it.

Financex Token (FNX)/ICO Details

After a successful launching of the crypto exchange FinanceX, FNX token will be issued to strengthen the ecosystem on the way to become one of the most reliable and secure platforms in the world. FNX Token is developed on Ethereum blockchain technology base – ERC 20.

Number of tokens released: 900,000,000

Soft caps: $3,000,000

Hard caps: $15,000,000


Project team

FinanceX is founded and developed by our experts from all over the world such as Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia with more than 20 years of experiences in the financial industry, information technology, and stocks exchange. Also, the team understands the vision of the project becoming the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Southeast Asia, and among the Top 10 in Asia-Pacific region in 3 years. Some of themincleds;

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