Megatron is “Revolusi Cryptocurrency”.

MEGATRON will exclusively work for miners, traders, investors, communities around the world to ensure a safe and flexible business environment.

What is the MEGATRON platform?

MEGATRON is a next-generation leading-edge blockchain utilizing decentralized cryptocurrency running on the most secure and open-source Ethereum blockchain technology. It connects Ethereum miners worldwide, entrepreneurs and the general public. MEGATRON Pltaform was also formed to make digital currency market capital more transparent, open and networked by expanding mining companies with available ethereum and mining equipment.
MEGATRON – always busy with the safety of its users. With the highest priority, we use the latest security system


Increase the Ethereum mining community worldwide and make it easier and easier for all Ethereum users to work. In line with the registration record of coinmarketcap to date 587+ tokens circulating in the crypto market. And 95% of them use Ethereum’s blockchain technology. Basically, we understand the demand for Ethereum Mining.

Blockchain technology MEGATRON

Blockchain technology is the foundation of MEGATRON and is the next cryptocurrency revolution. Blockchain technology is a digital book system that allows transactions to be performed with full accuracy as it is a mixture of cryptographic systems and databases between users (P2P computers).
This combination of technologies results in an irreversible and irreversible digital booking system, meaning that transactions can not be manipulated when signed and transmitted. The transaction is final and there are no duplicate issues.
Cryptography is used to encrypt messages on a digital ledger but is used significantly to sign transactions by users and to prove these transactions.
Blockchain and a remote P2P environment mean that digital books eliminate the need for data centers and disaster recovery centers (DRCs) that overshadow the core system. The end result is that the digital ledger is always operational.

Security system and wallet MEGATRON

MEGATRON will launch the world’s best wallet for its users. The wallet will be available on Windows and MAC as well as on mobile apps, which you can download from the App Store (for iOS devices) or PlayStore (for Android devices).
Megatron Wallet gives you the power to manage your money, transfer money, give money to your contacts, or pay your bills directly from anywhere in the world. We will use the latest technology from hackers / hackers.
MEGATRON always deals with the safety of its users. Our top priority is to use the latest security systems for websites, user portfolios and mobile apps. This security protects our users from hacking, data sharing, and even more threads that are not accepted. Below you will find the options for the security image on our platform.


MEGATRON will develop a mobile app for smartphones and smart devices compatible with the intelligent MEGATRON system, directly with a user-friendly interface suitable for the digital age and lifestyle of most people.
Users can use MEGATRON websites, wallets, payment gateways and trades, and choose the service they need from our Blockchain anywhere in the world.

MEGATRON debit card

MEGATRON provides its most valued debit card to its valued users. Anyone from anywhere can buy the ultimate cryptocurrency with MEGATRON. All these Altcoins can then be used to make purchases with your MEGATRON debit card.
Users can easily withdraw their Megatron balance to get cash from ATMs that are supported by Visa cards. Our debit cards are accepted as payment systems with our partner payment gateways around the world, such as the online store, banking, advertising and marketing. From October 2018 we will send MGT debit cards.

Token Specifications

token allocation


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