FiiiCoin – Making Cryprocurrency Available to All, For All Purposes

Fiiicoin – Today we are able to enter a new era called blockchain or, more precisely, “Internet value”, which is based on digital products. Blockchain allows us to share digital assets at any time anywhere in the world. Like traditional registries, blockchain is basically a transaction log. This transaction can be in the form of exchanging money, goods or data. Decentralized applications and decentralization usually tend to capture all new technologies, important steps in this area that are now beginning to attract more sources of income from visionary investors.
I’ll tell you about this startup, the official sales of chips, commands and potential opportunities.

The concept of Dpic Fiiicoin is derived from the PoC Burst Coin concept. Fiiilab can improve it by rewriting C# code to make Dpoc more stable, more energy efficient, and more secure. This algorithm is also a fairer consensus mechanism and is designed for cellular development. “Fiiilab technical director and co-founder Sylvester in Nasdaq explained to senior reporter Jane King.
Fiiicoin was designed to change this perception as a whole, making cryptocurrency very user-friendly and accessible to users from all sides.

This is our vision of creating a unique Blockchain ecosystem, user-centric, in which data, funds, and information, in general, can be shared smoothly and safely while at the same time carefully simplifying the eligibility criteria to pave the way for common Participation in the Blockchain ecosystem,

In fact, this is our main vision to build the Blockchain ecosystem not only for selected users but also for each user. Fiiicoin is a transactional system developed on the basis of cellular communication, where each user of a smartphone will be able to participate in maintaining a complete chain of blocks, not relying on expensive mountain machines and graphics cards. The main purpose of coin creation is to reuse current resources, especially mobile phones, to participate in the production process. Even non-it users or Crypto fans who do not have the money to invest can only be rewarded for participating in the cellular mining system.

Mining cryptocurrency or cryptomining is the process by which transactions for different forms of cryptocurrency are checked and added to the digital books of roadblocks. It is also known, as the development of Cryptocolines, production of altcoin or extraction of bitcoins for the most popular form of cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency mine increased both as a topic, and because the use of cryptocurrency itself has grown In recent years exponentially.

Fiiicoin is a transactional network specifically designed to intelligently use mobile devices. Blockchain technology allows all mobile devices to participate in the maintenance of a chain of blocks, leaving it idle and charging the battery, instead of relying on expensive and powerful computer equipment that runs 24/7 To perform mining operations.
The main goal is to create the simplest way and to facilitate the reuse of available resources, namely mobile devices, to participate in the maintenance of checkpoints. Even people who are not IT professionals or non-crypto-fans can easily learn and participate in the mining business. If they have at least a smartphone, the project FIII, which works with Fiiichain technology, which is universal and fully developed, allows everyone who has the tools to participate in the cryptographic market, fully participate in the process Production. The team of Cryptoprotectors behind the project FIII decided to develop a platform Crypto, which will make cryptocurrency not only very user-friendly but also accessible to all regardless of its intended use. The goal of the FIII team is to create a platform that will change the general idea that cryptocurrency is still too easy to change, too difficult or only for high-performance users.
This is our vision of creating a unique Blockchain ecosystem, user-centric, where data, funds, and information can be shared smoothly and securely. At the same time simplifying the criteria of participation to pave the way for the general participation in the ecosystem of Blockchain. Our main vision is to build the Blockchain ecosystem not only for high-performance users but also for all those interested in participating in the Crypto market.

The distinguishing factor that distinguishes FIII from other cryptocurrency projects is boasting a dynamic combination of technologies that all specialize in specialized fields of knowledge but work together on a common vision

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