Qravity – Blockchain-based digital content platform

blockchain into a technology that deserves to be glorified because it has a myriad of usefulness and benefits that can not be denied either for now or in the future. using blockchain technology for a platform is a very appropriate step because all transactions are very transparent, safe and will not be able to manipulate. there are now a lot of new projects that have implemented blockchain technology and one of them who took part in the implementation of the technology is Qravity.

What is Qravity?

Qravity is a platform created and developed to distribute and produce a decentralized content. Qravity can provide a golden opportunity for creators and producers to create an original and widely shared digital content as well as monetization. thus producers and producers will benefit from the content they have created before.

Qravity Platform

Qravity is a decentralized content distribution and content platform that can benefit manufacturers and producers who are involved in digital content. with the adoption of blockchain technology on the Qravity platform will keep transactions more transparent, product distribution, profit sharing, revenue terms, intellectual property and safeguarding copyright infringement of content.

in this Qravity platform, creators or producers who create digital content such as e-books, videos, music, games and an app can monetize the digital content they have created. after a content has been completed, then the content can be distributed in the form of task and then will use the smart contract that is in blockchain ethereum. after which the Qravity platform will automatically track the progress of the content and distribute stake or stake between users and digital content creators. with the qravity platform it is desirable that content distribution and development become simpler and more useful for consumers and content creators.

Qravity work system

Qravity platform work system is simple and easy, consumers who join Qravity will share a project they want to create in the form of a task that must be completed. in a task has also been placed a number of Qravity Project Token (QPT) which is a token of Qravity. the token can be used as a means of payment in the form of shares or stake in the project and can be used internally. after the creator has completed the tasks that have been provided, then automatically the creator also get the tokens that match the tasks they have done. the smart contract system will automatically send the QPT token to the wallet of the previously allocated creators.

after the project is completed, the distributors and consumers can rent or buy the project. and automatically also the creator of the project and the creator will get the part automatically in the form of crypto currency that is with the token QCO. income from QCO crypto currency will be adjusted to the number of stakeholders they have received from QPT token stakeholders. then the QCO they have got can be sold in exchange or can be used to purchase content on Qravity martketplace.

Why join Qravity?

1. Qravity provides great opportunities for business people, producers, and creators
2. Qravity provides more efficient and cheaper project development
3. Qravity can minimize risk and maximize revenue for each content that has been created
4. can establish a working relationship in the Qravity platform to be easier and built fairly and can collaborate on existing communities within the Qravity platform. workflow and collaboration will be optimized with community facilities between members and creative teams. and a set of contributions from members will be tracked
5. Simpler project management with more complete and professional tools.

Token Qravity

Name: Qravity
Token Symbol: QCO
Decimal Token: 18
Platform: Ethereum ERC-827
Token sales address: TBA
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 QCO
Token Price: 0.0002 ETH
Hardcap: 12,000 ETH

Token Distribution

Allocation of Token


Qravity Conclusion

Qravity is a decentralized content production and distribution platform where creators can own and profit from their work. The ecosystem revolves around the use of QCO tokens.

token sale for QCO tokens begins on July 2, 2018. To learn more about the project or to stay up-to-date, visit online today at Qravity.com.

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