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Red Cab a Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Transportation solution powered by Blockchain technology and governed by smart contracts. RedCab LLC. company was founded to offer a seamless peer to peer transportation solution for individuals and businesses through decentralizing the whole process using blockchain technologies. The REDC tokens will be used as utility tokens for day-to-day transactions creating massive demand over limited capped supply. RedCab LLC team have seen a clear opportunity in the transportation industry for a unique business model to balance business goals and customer needs, supported by a powerful technical platform.
Blockchain technology is considered the backbone of our business model from providing secured transactions and fast contracting; it perfectly blends with our business model to deliver to the world a decentralized and community managed transportation solution ready to serve individuals and support businesses.
An existing company since 2016 with tangible on-ground operations. Bringing a globally innovative solution through the Blockchain to an existing market need with$230 Billion annual demand.


RedCab is a decentralizing the transportation solution for individuals by utilizing Blockchain technologies for cost-efficient and secure transactions. On the other hand, saving billions of dollars from transportation commission to be rewarded back to the ecosystem ensuring sustainability and business continuity through cutting-edge technology, performance management and customer loyalty. Our business model is designed to ensure smooth market penetration through lean and reliable processes, and our scoring and reward program ensures loyal and productive community. With the variation in fare calculation from one country to another and even from one city to another, RedCab LLC has managed to keep the tool flexible to amend the best pricing formula without surge price or high-cost fare in holidays or bad weather.


The RedCab LLC team has seen a clear opportunity in the transportation industry for its unique business model to balance business objectives and customer needs, backed by a strong technical platform.
Blockchain technology is regarded as the backbone of this business model from providing secure transactions and quick contracts; it perfectly blends with our business model to deliver a world of decentralized managed and managed transport solutions to people who are ready to serve individuals and support the business.

Technology & Applications

RedCab LLC is a fast forward company with a futuristic business model in the transportation space.


From technical aspects to business model, a dedicated research team spent 1 complete year researching needs, assessing market gaps and exploring potential with a focus on riders’ experience and driver needs.


Our first beta version of the Mobile App went live in 2017 on both the App Store and Google play, and the soft launch took place in a small touristic spot by the Red Sea for more on hand operation and to test the car hailing service, which consumes a big part of our business model. We see a massive potential in the industry and rising demand in all metropolitan cities with a future growth expectation for the industry to reach $285 Billion by 2030.


The goal of RedCab’s token sale is to convert our business model from a centralized app into a decentralized ecosystem that allows access to global reach and reduce expenses of transportation for users. Saving more than $60 Billion annualy made through middlemen, raise funds to develop our infrastructure and address the growing international demand on transportation services around the globe through developing a powerful scalable tool.


  • Pre-Sale: Starts 01 June 2018 at 12:00 AM GMT and ends on 21 June 2018 at 11:59 PM GMT with early bird investors getting a 15% Bonus till allocated amount is sold out or phase ends.
  • Main Crowd-Sale Start Date: 22 June at 12:00 AM GMT and ends on 15 August 2018 at 11:59 PM GMT.
  • Accepted Currency for Token Sale: Ethereum
  • Token Name: REDC
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Exchange: 1 ETH = 2333 REDC
  • Hard Cap: 24529 ETH
  • Min Purchase: 0.1 ETH = 233 REDC
  • What Exchanges will REDC be listed onREDC will be listed on exchanges that are regulated and have proof of reserves, including the Korean, Japanese and other globally recognized major exchanges.

Tokens distribution

  • 9% Team and Founders
  • 3% Advisors
  • 1% Bounty
  • 7% Private Sale
  • 15% Presale
  • 25% Reserved for Proof-Of-Driving & Proof-of-Marketing token generation.
  • 40% Crowd-sale
Budget Allocation Overview
  • 29% Product Development
  • 41% MarketingAcquisitions and Partnerships
  • 13% Management Advisory board
  • 11% Admin and Operations
  • 6% Legal






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